Roundouts™ Pricing

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Turn-around time:
5 Business Days

Shipping Time:
1-5 Business days to the US/Canada


Roundouts™ Pricing

Size Traditional Paper Fine Art Paper
8x10" $57.18 $59.49
11x14" $68.73 $72.19
16x20" $88.36 $96.45
20x30" $117.24 $133.41
24x30" $127.63 $146.11
Lamination Up to 11x16" - $5 11x16" and up - $10

USA Shipping

Size Quantity Shipping Price
8x10 to 16x20
1 $14.95†
17x21 to 23x29
1 $24.95†
24x30 to 29x39 1 $35.95†
30x40 to 35x55 1 $45.95†
36x56 and larger Custom Quote

† Each additional Paper Print Frame will incur an additional $10 to your shipping cost. If you order prints that fit
within multiple shipping tiers, you will only be billed the price of the shipping on the largest print ordered.

Canada Shipping

Product Shipping Price
Roundouts $15.00