NEW Wood Tables

photo courtesy of: David Hakamaki

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Design Cube Turn-around time:
5 Business Days

Shipping Time:
1-5 Business days to the US/Canada


Wood Tables are printed on wood to give your image a warm, textured look. The tops are customizable with any image of your choice & finished with a black or natural trim. Wood Tables come with two different leg options; a brushed steel, hairpin style or a black steel, rounded style. Wood Tables come in two sizes: 20x20 and 20x40, making them perfect to use as a coffee table or side table. Coffee tables are 16” high; side tables can be 16” or 24” high.

Wood Coffee Table
Wood Side Table

photo courtesy of: Visualizations Photography Inc.

photo courtesy of: Marc & Tony artistic photography and design

Wood Coffee Tables and Wood Side Tables have trim options of black or natural.

Hairpin Legs
Standard Legs
40x20" Wood Coffee Table:
16" standard legs
16" hairpin legs

20x20" Wood Side Table:
16" standard legs
24" standard legs $145
16" hairpin legs $150
24" hairpin legs $175

Wood Coffee Table & Side Table Sets
Standard legs Hairpin legs
Coffee Table & Side Table – 16” legs
$310 Coffee Table & Side Table – 16” legs
Coffee Table – 16” legs
Side Table – 24” legs
$335 Coffee Table – 16” legs
Side Table – 24” legs


Important Notes About Wood Prints:

Please note that due to the nature of wood prints, each print will be unique with some amount of variance to be expected. The wood grain, surface texture, and color will vary within each print and from one print to the next. Please remember, it’s wood! Wood prints are produced using a different process from our paper prints. Consequently, wood prints will not have the same sharpness as our paper prints. Wood prints will also appear much warmer than other media due to the color and grain of the wood showing through the image to varying degrees. This is a normal and expected result with wood. As with all of our prints, we work hard to ensure we have the highest print quality available.